Technology is at the core of our growth ambition and our capabilities are supported by two market leading payment processing platforms.

Network One: An integrated and cohesive payment suite for our larger, more complex clients across Merchant and Issuer Solutions. Network One is an integrated solution consisting of the best in breed, in-house and third party technology capabilities which is highly configurable and processes over four million transactions a day.   

Network Lite: Complementary to the Network One platform and suited to smaller merchants and financial institutions who require more standardised, off-the-shelf payment solutions and services.

Our technology initiatives: putting the customer at the centre of what we do through key strategic priorities.

1. Cloud first; simplifying the technology infrastructure
  • Allows us to operate without physical assets and dedicated data centres; eliminating complexity, reducing operational expense and increasing the speed of delivery.
  • Enables product and service standardisation across our newest platforms, applications and new market entries.
  • Accelerates business growth through faster market entry and increasing pace of customer acquisition.
2. Growing a talent pool across our regions through centres of excellence in our focus markets
  • Investing in internal engineering capability to drive increased innovation and further grow our internal knowledge base.
3. API always; simplifying how we do business
  • Using APIs1 to create a simplified platform through which we can connect a range of new services and products in an unified way.
  • Expands our solutions, partnerships and value-added services, enabling faster revenue growth.
  • Increases our digital customer credentials through simplified self-onboarding for merchants, fintech’s and financial institutions
4. Data; a single source of truth
  • Expanding our Data and Analytics offerings via the creation of a cloud based Data Lake.
  • Customers will have faster access to real-time insights about their portfolios or payment transactions and we can gather and share information faster, reducing manual processes.

1. API – Application Programming Interface.